Tatmott "61 garage 2014"

by 61 Garage (Half Records)

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released June 20, 2014




61 Garage (Half Records) Madrid, Spain

61 garage es un colectivo basado en la creación de contenido audiovisual. En las Navidades de 2016 presentan el Episodio I de su serie Nostal61a titulado "V",producido por Half productions, adelanto de su próximo disco homónimo que saldrá a la luz en Abril de 2017. ... more

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Track Name: The Sign "61 Garage"
The Sign

video : http://youtu.be/dkNFCHJBOqk

The gun blames, You go wild.
For those creatures, For the sun.
Could the scream song show me the gold?
For the blank earth to come?

And now I´m the spring, and now another ring,
trying to understand what can clean my veins.
I am alone, I was dying for the kids night break,
just to keep me blind.

Sometimes I creep, I am the night,
a broken piece in my life,
for the sunday game, Are you alone?
Just to keep my breath out of the cold.
My defeat´s on trail, I am the sight,
call of my mouth and doubts of my brain.
I didn´t come, and I´m sure,
I won´t look at the night eyes.

And then I´m wrong and I make you cry,
another fault that resides inside
how could I know that I make my mistakes,
if I am the kid that was stolen.
Living bravely in a lonely shay,
nothing more than me is inside,
Now I´m the core
I am the corpse
of the chords
of the course
of the corner.

And then I make you cry,
I don´t want everything´s sacrified,
everything left behind.

And one more goal to blame, and one more eager side.
I´m angry with everything, everything means lonely.